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Lil 'Free Farmstand

Jiunge na orodha inayokua ya Wanashua ambao wanashirikiana kwa wingi wa bustani za majira ya joto. Jamii inakua kwa jamii!

Rahisi sana hata tutachukua matunda na mboga zako za ziada zilizotolewa kwenye mlango wako wa mbele!

Inavyofanya kazi?

Shiriki mavuno yako ya ziada na kinu cha shamba

Screenshot 2023-07-22 10.40.21 AM.png

Ikiwa unahitaji mazao safi, ungana nasi

Screenshot 2023-07-22 10.43.32 AM.png

And we will share your delicious veggies with families in need

Screenshot 2023-07-22 10.53.31 AM.png

Familia hufurahiya mazao ya bure kutoka kwa shamba

Or just donate a few dollars a week and we'll buy from local farms for you!

What families are saying...

"I love seeing my children pick veggies they love or have never tried and then preparing/eating them with our family."

"I grew up on a farm, yet as an adult I am living in the middle of a city where I can barely afford my rent, let alone fresh produce. The farmstand reminds me of the happier days growing up."

Tengo una niña diabética y estamos tratando de comer más saludables todos para que no se sienta sola en esto.


"I have a diabetic girl and we are trying to all eat healthier, so that she does not feel alone in this.".

Kuongeza uthabiti wa chakula chetu

Ukipanda chakula, kupanda ziada kidogo kunaweza kuongeza chakula chetu cha ndani cha chakula safi chenye virutubisho, na vile vile kuhamisha mzigo kutoka mfumo wa chakula na mikononi mwetu.

Usipolima chakula tunakukaribisha utoe na tutanunua kutoka kwa wakulima wa hapa, ambayo pia itaimarisha uthabiti wa chakula chetu.


Jangwa la Chakula s

Tuna maeneo huko Nashua ambapo ni ngumu kufika kwa urahisi kwenye maduka ambayo yanauza vyakula vya bei rahisi, vyenye afya, jangwa la chakula la aka. Kwa hivyo tunapata viunga vyetu vya shamba vya bure hapa.

"It makes a big difference because we are on fixed income and can supplement our groceries which we have to put on a credit card.  Since visiting the stand I have learned to prepare meals that I never imagined making. I Google recipe ideas , add protein & I'm all set. Since visiting the farm stand I have been inspired to educate myself on seasonal produce, how it is grown & ways to incorporate different kinds of produce into our meals . We are truly grateful. TY!"

"Vida mais saudável"

"It is good knowing I can get fresh veggies when I don't always have the money to buy them."

Washirika wamejitolea kuleta hii kwa vitongoji vyetu

We are grateful for our Presenting Sponsor, Service Credit Union, for their support and dedication in helping this program thrive in our community, as well as to all our growers/shoppers that give making this possible!    

We couldn't do it without everyone working together and for Dartmouth Hitchcock and the UU Church of Nashua in believing in this program back in 2020 when they helped us launch a pilot version during the pandemic in 2020 that continues to expand!

Service Credit Union.png

Neighborhood Participating Partners

Unitarian Universalist Church

NH Gleaners

Crane Currency

United Way of Greater Nashua

Presbytarian Church Nashua

Dartmouth Hitchcock

Hundreds of Lil' Veggie Givers

Crossway Christian Church

Lavoie's Farm

Lull Farm

Arlington Street Community Center

Hillsborough County Conservation 

Immaculate Conception

Legacy Farm

Fresh Start Farms 

ORIS: Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success

Kimball Fruit Farm

Greater Nashua Food Council

Nashua Garden Club

Congregational Church of Amherst

Too busy?  Click here to donate $5 a week and we'll buy from local farms for you!

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